leather mutes

When muting is required, nothing else offers the beauty and sound of leather. Mutes made of rubber, plastic, metal, or wood reduce the volume of an instrument, but they also eliminate the overtones that give an instrument its unique tonal character. A Wiessmeyer Leather Mute reduces volume without reducing the quality of sound.

Wiessmeyer Leather Mutes are made 100% in USA

Look for the Wiessmeyer Trademark on all Original Wiessmeyer Products.


All Wiessmeyer Leather Mutes are made from genuine American bovine leather. As a result, new mutes, like a new pair of leather shoes, are somewhat stiff, but become pliable with use. By using the mute on the same instrument, it will develop a “memory” over time and mold itself to the bridge thickness and string spacings of the instrument.





Violin $24.95
Celtic Knot Violin Mute** $28.95
Viola $28.95
Cello $33.95
Bass $145.00

Custom engraving is available through our own on-line leather mute store only for a one-time set-up fee of $35.00

* Free USPS First Class shipping (US only) on orders over $45.00 in our own on-line leather mute store.
**Available from Wiessmeyer Violin webstore only.



client testimonials

Congratulations, I absolutely love it - I’m so thrilled to have it! It is fantastic. I will show it to all my colleagues and students at my institute. Its absolutely wonderful!
— Daniel Heifetz, Violinist (www.heifetzinstitute.org)
I love the leather mutes. The cello sounds fantastic with it. This is really extraordinary - I really really appreciate it!
— Andres Diaz, Cellist (www.andresdiaz.com)
Bravo, the mutes are very impressive.
— John Montgomery Luthier Stringed Instrument Collection, Library of Congress
I am often asked to play accompanist to singer/songwriters. I love Paul’s leather mute because I feel I can deliver the full range of expression of my Leo Aschauer violin at a reduced volume so I never drown out the vocalist!
— Joe Kessler, Professional Musician
I played for years with a basic rubber mute and didn’t think twice. After trying one of these leather mutes ‘just for fun,’ I was astounded by the difference in sound and made the switch immediately. These mutes allow you a full range of colors within a muted sound.
— Eleanor Bors, Cellist



The patented slot and notch design of the mute takes the practical needs of the string player into consideration.


1. For mezzo piano volume, slide the mute on the strings up against the bridge


2. For pianissimo volume, place the mute on top of the bridge.


3. When it is not in use, the mute locks onto the strings at the tailpiece.


Product demonstration by Douglas Glanville © Sydney String Centre