Wiessmeyer Violins carries a variety of accessories in-store as shown below.



We stock many popular brands of strings in medium gauge (Thomasik, Piastro, Larsen, Jager, Warshal, Super Sensitive, D’Addario) and several speciality brands for the following instruments.
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Light and Heavy gauges are available on request.



Wiessmeyer Violins carries the following brands of rosin in-store for sale:

  • AB Rosin

  • Bernardel

  • Carlsson

  • Hill

  • Jade

  • Kaplan

  • Magic Rosin

  • Melos

  • Millant Deroux

  • Nyman

  • Pirastro Cello

  • Pirastro Goldflex

  • Pirastro Gold

  • Pirastro Olive

  • Pops

  • Salchow

  • Woodblock


Chin rests, tailpieces & pegs

We carry chin rests, tailpieces, and pegs in a variety of woods and styles from a range of manufacturers.
Please call or email to discuss further


Shoulder Rests

We carry shoulder rests for violin and viola for sale in-store from the following manufacturers:

  • Everest

  • KPE

  • Kun

  • Mach

  • Wolf

Customers are encouraged to bring their instruments in order to test shoulder rests before purchase


3D Sound Mutes

In 2018 Paul and his son Brian teamed up to create an innovative new family line of mutes which we refer to as 3D Sound Mutes. Using a state of the art additive manufacturing process (also known as 3D printing) in conjunction with a patented interior-hollow-body design and modern materials, we are proud to offer string players a choice of mutes that reduce volume while simultaneously providing richer and fuller sound fidelity.

Improved functional design and a choice of attractive colors defines our motto:

Your Sound…Your Color…Your Mute

We carry the full line of 3D sound mutes in our store. Pricing: $13.95 and up.
For more information & on-line ordering please go to