Wiessmeyer & Son
3D sound mutes

In 2018 Paul and his son Brian teamed up to create an innovative new family line of mutes which we refer to as 3D Sound Mutes. Using a state of the art additive manufacturing process (also known as 3D printing) in conjunction with a patented interior-hollow-body design and modern materials, we are proud to offer string players a choice of mutes that reduce volume while simultaneously providing richer and fuller sound fidelity.

Improved functional design and a choice of attractive colors defines our motto:

Your Sound…Your Color…Your Mute


where can i purchase?

We carry the full line of 3D sound mutes in our store.
Pricing: $13.95 -$22.95
For more information, on-line ordering, or to find a store near you,
please go to Viowiess.com.



client testimonials

I’ve been playing on [the] mutes ...they are all amazing, seriously the best mutes I’ve ever played on. Many mutes I go back and forth between them, [as] each [one had] some kind of flaw... rattling or not enough or too much muting. Yours are perfect and I even want to practice with them on because...the instrument sings!
— Edward Parente, professional violinist/violist
I have tried numerous violin mutes for different musical purposes, such as chamber music, recording sessions and practicing in a quiet environment. I can safely say that the Wiesssmeyer 3D mute satisfies all my purposes. The mute is much more flexible [and the] flexibility of the mute does not hurt the position of the bridge when quickly fastened and taken off quickly. This is important because we count on the precise position of the bridge to have the best overtone...Furthermore, because of the flexibility, the mute is very quiet when put on and taken off. I must mention the creative color combinations, it’s truly a fun mute to have.
— Wen Tsun Chang, violinist Atlantic Ensemble
Immediately I felt that I had access to the power of the instrument and the playing characteristics didn’t change. I was expecting (like in most mutes) there to be a more prevalent wolf and and uneven control from note to note, but to my surprise, the cello was responding normally. I could describe the sound as having less ring and volume, but with a satisfying full sound with power. [Also] it was fun to hear the comments I got from colleagues and audience members alike [for my green mute]. I also have a black two hole for more formal concerts. My favorite however, is the multi colored!
— Ken Finch, professional cellist




Beau Soir by Claude Debussy (arr. J. Heifetz)
Grace UnHae Kwon, violin & Tiffany Poon, piano
3D Sound Mutes by Wiessmeyer and Son

Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar
Clara Kebabian, violin
3D Sound Mutes by Wiessmeyer and Son